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The Noise

Come inside our private RevOps virtual room...

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Like the look, sound and feel of that?

You can be assured of some commonsense suggestions, strong opinions, and creative ideas in return.

What kind of people will you find inside Force & Friction?

You’ll be among your peers.

Ours is a community for entrepreneurial C Suite business owners and RevOps professionals. Think C-suite.

The Community also welcomes senior sales, marketing managers, and client success professionals looking to expand their knowledge on RevOps (we find they tend to have a bit to say about the world).

And, of course, you’ll find members of the 6teen30 Digital here, too - specialists in RevOps growth ready to share and support you along the way.

... And We Want to Keep it
That Way for You

Force & Friction is about community, contribution, and courtesy. It’s why we have a couple of simple rules:

Rule #1 - NO Selling.

Rule #2 - NO Spamming.

This Community is about connection, relationships, and trust. It’s not the place to be promoting your products and services, or hassling other members.

This community is about sharing and exchanging experiences, stories, and ideas - so members can help each other with their business and growth challenges.

If you’re just looking for another online community to add to your list without contributing anything, then Force & Friction probably isn’t the right one for you.

We firmly believe that you get out what you put in.

As a member of Force & Friction, you are more likely the type of person who
- Starts a conversation thread.
- Starts asking a question.
- Starts offering suggestions.
- Starts helping others.

Force & Friction is for education, inspiration, and support - both moral and practical.

Who’s behind Force & Friction?

Force & Friction was founded by Mike Midgley, CEO of 6teen30 Digital -
a RevOps Strategist and Scale Up Specialist.

Mike knows what it is like to be in the business trenches. 

In a career spanning 28+ years, he has started and scaled businesses. Exited businesses, achieving two six and seven-figure exits. Enjoyed success and endured many failures including losing a $20m business in the financial crisis in 2012.

All that experience is today poured into “incubating success at every level of personal and professional life”.

Introduce Others to Force & Friction and
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If you like Force & Friction you can introduce other business owners and leaders to the community.

And we will reward you for doing so through our Ambassador program.

There are three levels - Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Rewards include branded T-Shirts and SWAG, business feature promotion, and exclusive space with content and learning sessions for gold members with Mike each month.

Another benefit of being part of this free community.

Get Lift-Off with Force & Friction

Force & Friction is about helping you and your business grow and scale.

A community designed to help you get lift-off and achieve a rocket-powered revenue boost.

It’s free to join. Forever.

It’s a private, safe, and secure online space away from the noise and hullabaloo of mainstream social channels.

It’s a place of sharing - experiences, challenges, conversations, stories, and ideas.

It’s a place for contribution. Members help you. You help other members.

It’s an opportunity for learning, from your peers and from the
6teen30 Digital team.

We want every member to have the success they deserve.

Join today and begin your journey to RevOps scale up success.

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